Functional Testing 05: Negative Validation or When Bad is Good

When is it good for a test fail? When you expect it to!

In the last tutorial we created validation on our Signin Library module to make sure that when we expected the test to pass that we got back the data we expected. Our test would then fail when we expected correct data but got something else. But what about when we need to make sure something correctly fails? What if we want to intentionally provide bad data and make sure that the application returns the correct error?

It’s called negative Validation, and we will tackle it in this tutorial.

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Functional Testing 03: But Wait! Not Too Lazy!

But Wait! addendum to tutorials are optional side topics, not necessary to continue progress through the tutorials, but that may skip ahead in concepts in order to expand on a topic.

In Functional Testing 03: Let’s Be Lazy you’ll notice I may have taken the laziness too far. In the tutorial I used the dreaded “copy and paste” method to create a second test. To those of us that have many, many tests this sends shivers down our spines. Our signin tests only had two tests but if we had wanted to run a hundred different signin tests copy and paste would not be the best solution.

So let’s take a little time to understand how we could remove the copy/paste.

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