Sincerely, Your Mortician

This week’s challenge was to use one of ten titles suggested by flash fiction participants and chosen by Chuck.

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Sincerely, Your Mortician
Title by AN
Story by Scott Mollon

He was there at the moment Daniel was born. Before the nurses finished clamping closed his umbilical cord and washing his mother’s fluids from his body, even before the boy’s mother, He was the first to lay his bone dry hands on Daniel. The first to bury his nose in the soft brown hair atop Daniel’s head and take a slow deep breathe in.

At age three, He hung over Daniel in a dead man float, as Daniel’s body betrayed him and sucked in lungfuls of chlorinated water at the bottom of his aunt’s backyard pool. He lay on his stomach in the puddles, chin resting on his crossed forearms, as the EMT breathed the water out of Daniel and the air back in.

Two summer’s later, Daniel surprised Him by taking his hand.
Let’s play ninjas, Daniel said.
It had rattled Him. He was sure this sort of thing was not supposed to happen. Daniel should not have been able to see Him. But it was also the greatest year and half He ever had.

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The Far East Fightin’ Style Kid

This week’s challenge was to rewrite a scene from a well known story, but to genre flip it to another genre.

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The Far East Fightin’ Style Kid
By Scott Mollon

Daniel hit the dusty dirt floor of the mine shaft face first to a chorus of drunken cheers from the gathered crowd of miners and company men alike. His left knee pulsed with pain in tune to his racing heart beat. His opponent, having caught Daniel’s attempt at a roundhouse kick, had then driven his elbow down into the side of Daniel’s knee.

A pair of worn shoes landed next to his head. From the gathered crowd, “Someone put the kid’s shoes back on him!”

Money and cigarettes began changing hands. Not a lot though, as no one had given Daniel any chance to win the fight. This was to be the latest in a long line of disciplinary beat downs administered by the management of Kreese Mining, Incorporated.

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