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I’m a technical Software Product Management and Quality Assurance Professional with more than seventeen years experience in all roles and phases of the software development process including requirements management, software development, manual and automated software validation, software design, tool creation, documentation, and support. Recognized for a commitment to supporting customers and to understanding their use of the software in order to improve all aspects of the customer’s experience. I thrive on learning new things and putting them to use, and am self taught in many skills and projects inside and outside of work.

Professional Experience


  • Created a single page web interface for a paperless scoring system for a client that runs nation-wide judged dance competitions and who wanted to eliminate over 300,000 sheets of paper used in a year.
  • Created a front-end interface for a Windows laptop imaging application.

 Invicara, Inc.
Director, Product Management and Quality Assurance
Director, Quality Assurance
Quality Manager

Ann Arbor, MI
May 2017 to Present
August 2016 to May 2017
July 2014 to July 2016

  • Led a four person Product Management team responsible for all defining, researching, refining, and bringing to life all requirements for Invicara’s products.
  • Guided development on the use cases and customer value for requirements to ensure implementation met customer’s needs and fit product workflows both current and envisioned. Educated services and field teams on new features as they became available.
  • Led customer sessions to gather first hand feedback on existing and future features and usability.
  • Worked with Chief Product Officer to determine product road maps and vision.
  • Worked hand in hand with the Dir. of Development to prioritize, plan, and schedule work for the development based on customer and field feedback.
  • Built a QA team in Chennai, India from the ground up, recognized by the entire company for it’s expertise.
  • Responsible for defining all QA processes and tools. Put in place processes for test management, automation, and defect management. Defined, created, and executed test strategies such as Load, Performance and Functional test plans and test cases. Contributed to schedules and release process definition.
  • Guided product development by ensuring usability, testability, and supportability requirements were met.
  • Served as interim Head of Product Management, leading the PM team while a new PM manager was sought.
  • Created an internal tool that extracts anonymous usage data from our production environment to surface customer usage patterns and feature adoption, to help guide Product Management roadmap and QA test strategy.
  • Created an internal tool to allow Product Management to easily visualize and manage a 13000+ dictionary of items, all their relationships, and identity information.
    • Dictionary entries are displayed in a hierarchical tree view.
    • Dictionary entries can be edited and searched based on different criteria.
    • Change log tracks all changes made to the dictionary and dictionary is backed up automatically for each new version.
    • Dictionary can be downloaded in the csv format required by develop for consuming changes.
  • Created an internal tool to allow backup and portability of PM and Sales project settings in the product, which was eventually released to customers.
    • Allows users to connect to any BIM Assure deployments, even local developer deployments.
    • Allows for user to share data across accounts and projects.
    • Allows for backup and recreation of data from one account to any other account.
    • Provides sample project data that can downloaded from the tool and used to create sample projects in any account.
  • Created and executed test plans and test cases for manual, automated, and performance/load testing.
  • Created a Protractor and Jasmine framework for UI testing following the pageObject pattern and implementing Grunt to allow for easy test configuration and execution. Provided development with an easy to run front-end smoketest that could be executed against any environment (remote or local) to validate deployments. Also automated an early Rails front end with Selenium and TestNG.
  • Automated REST API with JMeter for functional and load tests.
  • Managed Jenkins, and defined and implemented Jenkins development builds and test architecture, as well as creating prototype Jenkins instances to prove out all changes.
  • Validated mobile iOS app functionality.

QA Manager

Novi, MI
April 2012 to July 2014

  • Led a QA and Test Automation team located in Shanghai, Singapore, Uruguay, Canada, and the US, ranging in size from 20 to 50+ people, ensuring the highest quality of two product lines with two different delivery schedules, development teams, and sets of functionality.
  • Reported to Director of Development as the voice of quality for all Vault desktop and PLM cloud products.
  • Created and coordinated QA schedules, build schedules, Beta releases, and release readiness, often in conjunction with other product teams and localization, to ensure projects met release dates at high levels of quality.
  • Chaired “Go-No Go” meetings with Senior VPs and Directors, to present quality status of software releases in order to gain executive sign-off on new releases.

SQA Engineer/QA Tech Lead
SQA Engineer

January 2001 to April 2012
January 2000 to November 2000

  • Led all testing activities, defined and executed on processes, and reported status for QA teams, as QA Tech Lead for Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical, and Vault QA teams.
  • Trained a ten person QA team while residing in Shanghai for three months resulting in improved communication, efficiency, and testing methodologies used by the offshore team.
  • Presented at Customer and Sales Technical Support Test Summits, and other Quality events, stateside and international, to gain feedback on release quality in order to improve products and testing methodologies.
  • Received Autodesk University Award for outstanding customer service and support. Consistently the number one team member participating on customer forums and internal support email alias.
  • Regarded as a must have testing resource for customer workflow validation, often getting pulled to other features to validate that software would meet customer expectations and needs.
  • Collected customer feedback, designed solutions, validated solutions with customers, and wrote specs for development while serving as Product Designer for Vault Professional 2012 Item functionality.
  • Enhanced and maintained an in house lab management system, allowing for reservation and imaging of lab hardware.
  • Prototyped multiple unit test environments for developers in order to test Autodesk Vault client code without the need for a Vault server to be present, accelerating the time needed for a developer to validate any changes. Used Visual Studio 2010 C# unit tests in combination with the Microsoft Moles Research Project.
  • Wrote and ran Vault client API tests using C#, including test applications for both manual and automated tests, ensuring the API released with highest quality.
  • Applied QA Partner, SilkTest, and WinRunner tools to automate UI testing on multiple Autodesk products including Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, and Autodesk Vault for automated UI validation.
  • Fifteen years experience creating test designs, manually testing, and writing automation for Autodesk’s CAD and Data Management software to ensure high levels of quality.

SQA Engineer

San Francisco, CA
November 2000 to January 2001

  • Tested and automated a 3D model viewer as part of the companies supply chain offering.

Non-Profit Work

Michigan Society for Infection Prevention and Control
Donated time and design skills to create post cards, brochures, and mailers for society events and conferences.


University of Michigan
Bachelor of Arts in English
Significant work towards a Computer Science degree

Ann Arbor, MI
1995 – 2000

Schoolcraft College
Associates degree in Programming

Livonia, MI
2011 – 2013



Selenium, Protractor, JMeter, Jira/Confluence, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Git, Test methodologies, test management tools


Javascript, html/css, nodejs, mysql/SQL, jQuery, Angular, Knockoutjs, C++/C#, PHP,  REST, Jenkins, Windows, Mac, Linux (Ubuntu), WordPress, AWS S3 and EC2


Access, Apache Tomcat, Java

Personal Projects

My new online homepage with my new blog, flash fiction, and sketchbook, as well as other links.

Built with WordPress.

Star Wars API nodejs wrapper


A node wrapper for access the Star Wars API. Allows for easy query of the Star Wars API database.

Online Quality Assurance Interview Test

It can be hard to ascertain a potential QA candidates abilities. Often we have very little to rely on as there are not courses teaching good quality assurance practices or even the basic skills of how to find defects. The Online QA Interview Test is one way to have potential QA candidates exercise their skills on a simple application and to measure their abilities against a known piece of buggy software. Interviewees are given the link to the test and asked to complete four QA tasks.

Built with Knockoutjs.

Star Wars Novel Timelines

Reference timelines for each of the new Canon series of Star Wars novels and the older Legends series, including the movies and tv shows. Each series can be viewed in timeline or checklist format. Responsive to allow for browsing on a phone.

Built with Angular, infinite-scroll, Google Books API, Bootstrap, mySql, and PHP.

My Old Blog

A learning project I did to see if I could create a WordPress-like single page blog with Knockoutjs.

Built with Knockoutjs, mySql, and PHP.

Papparazi Slam

It’s like fantasy football for the gossip crowd! Draft your own team of celebrities and each week put them up against someone else’s team to see who is the better papparazi! Points are scored by how often your celebrities appear in the weekly issue of US Weekly. Don’t show up in Fashion Police though as that will cost you valuable points. And always stay on the straight and narrow, because at any moment your opponent can send one of your celebrities to Rehab, ensuring they won’t score ANY points that week.

Built with Bootstrap, Knockoutjs, mySql, and PHP.

Oscar’s 2013 Pick’em
Retired –

Think you are a master of movie prognostication? Prove it by joining the Oscar 2013 Pick’em League! You can create up to two entries selecting who you think will win each Academy Award. Really sure you know your stuff? Place multipliers on up to eight picks doubling or tripling the points you’ll get for a correct pick. But watch out! Multipliers will cost you if you are wrong! Play with your friends and see who is the movie master!

Built with mySql and PHP.