I don’t read very much Marvel anymore and the other day I got to thinking about why that is and what could be changed to bring me back.

  1. A three year moratorium on all line-wide crossovers and events. Event fatigue is real, and Marvel doesn’t seem to see it as they continue to pump out hyped up events and crossovers like “Monsters Unleashed” and “Secret Empire”. There are a number of problems with these huge events that have turned me off to Marvel.
    • The event can’t remain contained to one series. Marvel feels completed to have tie-in issues with other series. Often times these tie-in issues may only mention the larger crossover in passing. But you look at the comic rack and all you see are tie-in issues and Point One issues.
    • The endings of these huge events are more concerned about generating the next event and teasing things to come rather than telling a satisfying story with a satisfying ending.
    • When you have events back to back to back to back, they are no longer events.They are the status quo and your way of pushing new #1 issues out to the market.
  2. And if you can’t stop with the crossovers, then at least stop with the sequels to previous crossovers. Know why I didn’t even think of reading Civil War 2? Because I hated the ending of Civil War. And was there another Inferno. I think I saw one, but didn’t care.
  3. Bring back a more “classic” Avengers lineup book. Captain America, Thor (either one), Iron Man, Vision and then throw in some lower tier characters like Black Knight, Stingray, She-Hulk, or Hercules. These are the heroes I want to see in an Avenger’s comic.
    • Wolverine is not an Avenger and never should have been. Find a way to get back to a Pre-New Avengers lineup. What made the Avengers good was that they were not the Justice League composed of all the company’s iconic heroes.
  4. Updating your icons is good and reaching out for new audiences is great, but line-wide Marvel’s heroes are unrecognizable.
    • The Hulk is not the Hulk, Captain America is The Falcon, Captain America was old and then evil, Iron Man is not Iron Man, Thor is not Thor (but this on is really good so leave it alone), Wolverine is not Wolverine, Cyclops is evil.
    • And no one, read this again, NO ONE cares about the Inhumans.
  5. Let your writers write. Please get back to telling stories, new stories, and not just generating buzz.
  6. Fix the X-Men. Come up with a story line that’s compelling and sell it to me. Please.
  7. Fire Bendis. Do away with a small group of writer’s that steer the top tier books and the Marvel Universe at large.

So while Marvel works on these, I’ll keep reading DC, Image, Valiant…

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