I am available for freelance web design and graphic design work. I am also willing to donate my time to non-profits.

Services I can provide:

  • Setting up web site hosting through various hosting companies based on your needs
  • Domain name acquisition
  • Website design, development, and maintenance, as well as web site migration
  • Web application development
  • Email and Mailer design, printing, and sending

MSIPC 2019 Fundamentals

Save the date paostcards and pdf emailer.

MSIPC 2018 Annual Conference

Save the date pdf emailer, postcards, and brochure for the 2018 Annual Fall Conference.

Other options…

MSIPC 2017 Annual Conference Registration Form

Brochure and registration form for the Michigan Society for Infection Prevention and Control’s annual fall conference.

MSIPC Fundamentals 2017 Postcard Mailer

The Michigan Society of Infection Prevention and Control needed a postcard designed, printed, and mailed for a Save the Date announcement for their annual Fundamentals training class. Based on their initial description of what they needed and the materials they provided I offered a range of design options to start the conversation.

Based on their feedback and additional material supplied by the MSIPC, I provided updated proofs of their two preferred designs.

After selecting and approving the final design, I help to format and merge 1477 addresses from four different address lists, and sent the cards for printing and mailing. I also provided a pdf version of the postcard they could send out via email.

Judges Scoring Application for National Dance Competition

I created a single page branded web interface for a paperless scoring system for a client that runs nation-wide judged dance competitions and who wanted to eliminate over 300,000 sheets of paper used in a year. The application needed to provide the judges an easy interface for finding the next act coming on stage, update when the act schedule changed, and provide an easy interface for inputting and approving scores. It also needed to fit onscreen and not interfere with the video and vocal recording software on each judge’s laptop used to record the audio commentary of each judge.

Since this is proprietary software I can’t share screenshots of the final application.

Web Interface for a Laptop Imaging Application

A client needed a web interface for their laptop imaging software. I created a very basic webpage which would allow them to select a laptop, select an appropriate image to apply to the laptop, and then provide feedback while the image restore was running.

Since this is proprietary software I can’t share screenshots of the final application.