JMeter JKnowledge: Properties and Variables

JMeter JKnowledge is a chance to take a moment away from the tutorials and learn a little bit more about some of the concepts we have been or will be using.

It’s very important as your tests become more complicated, and we move ever closer to taking our functional testing work and utilizing it to perform load and performance testing, that we have a good understanding of what Properties and Variables are in JMeter, as well as their benefits and limitations.

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Functional Testing 09: Life in a Beanshell

Ninth in a series focusing on using JMeter for functional testing of an API.

In the last tutorial we jumped through some hoops in order to be able to extra one folderid from a list of folders. Some of the decision we made would end up causing us problems later on. For instance, the way we extracted a folderid would require us to provide a folderIndex every time we used GetFolders. Since that may not always be the case, it would actually require us to do more work in the instance when we didn’t need to extract a folderid.

In this tutorial, we will replace some of what we did last time with a BeanShell object and write a little bit of Java too.

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Functional Testing 03: Let’s Be Lazy

Third in a series focusing on using JMeter for functional testing of an API.

Sometimes laziness is a good thing. Sure laziness can result in nothing getting done. But laziness can sometimes result in MORE getting done. So let’s strive to be lazy, but lazy in a way that empowers us to do more!

In this tutorial, we will take what we’ve learned about Samplers and Variables, and combine it with some new concepts that will make our work reusable across our test plan. We will learn how to create a library of samplers which are parameterized to allow us to call them many different ways in many different tests.

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Functional Testing 02: Preparation is the Key to Success

Second in a series focusing on using JMeter for functional testing of an API.

A little preparation will save us tons of time later when everything changes. And everything is always certain to change.

After the fun excitement of the first tutorial in which we made our very first API call with JMeter, we are going step back and do some very boring preparation for the future. One thing we can be certain of is that changes happen in software projects. A small amount of effort put in early in a project can greatly help reduce the headache of updates and maintenance later down the timeline. So in this tutorial we start venturing down the path to setting up our test plan to be able to weather changes in API location, paths, and http ports, and more.

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